The Coolest Thing I Saw On The Internet This Week

When I was going through my bookmarks from this week, a vast majority of them were from Anna (@opinionsbyanna)’s blog, Future Librarian Superhero. I decided to just do ONE this week and SAVE the others. Or, you know, you guys can just go check out her entire blog. She just did a redesign and it is looking feisty.

Earlier this year, Anna had a MARCHING BAND STORYTIME and somehow I missed it until just now. What I love about the fact that she did it at all is getting local teens involved in storytime, collaborating with the schools, and exposing little kids to new music. Tanka Tanka Skunk is possibly the greatest storytime book ever made, and she used a Winton Marsalis book! I am really into reading bios of jazz musicians to like, 4th-5th grade. Jazz is the first truly American form of music and its influence cannot be overstated, and talking about it is a great segue into the Harlem Renaissance, which is a GREAT way to give kids historical perspective on the timeline of Black history (I noticed when I was a school librarian that kids thought MLK + Lincoln were best friends who freed the slaves. They didn’t understand how long it took between Emancipation and the Civil Rights Movement. Let’s not even talk about HOW LONG IT IS STILL TAKING). Also a lot of jazz bios read like jazz so they make amazing read alouds.


What I love about the blog post is that she talks about steps she took so the littles wouldn’t be freaked out, about using the instruments to talk about high/low sounds AND that she shows pictures of her tape line, which I love the idea of.

Cate (@storytiming) got a Target grant and made these amazing keyring cards for parents to take home. I LOVE that she’s giving parents easy resources they can use at home or carry around that are totally non-intimidating and fun. Also, they’re really pretty.

Brooke (@berasche) made a Shape Game to play at the beginning of every storytime and it is rad because it has repetition, guessing, shape recognition and is easy and fun.

This version of  Four Fat Sausages is not just the best video I’ve seen this week, but possibly the best video I’ve ever seen in my life.

And a friendly reminder on this very important day in fictional history: If this man shows up at your house, let him in. He’s persistent, bigger than you, and he brings cake.



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  1. Kathleen Connelly-Brown

    LOVE the marching band storytime idea!! Gonna forward that to our preschool storytimer when she gets back from a much needed vacation now that SRC is over 🙂 My son is in his high school marching band, and I have good contact with the director – we might just be able to make it happen!!

    I also wanted to say that you are spot on about jazz books! I often use jazz music and jazz books in my baby storytime. The babies love the funny sounds and words sprinkled throughout – Jazz Baby by Lisa Wheeler is great, and I’ve used A Tisket A Tasket by Ella Fitzgerald illustrated by Ora Eitan numerous times, among other great books. Reading these books sounds almost like singing 🙂

    Checking out the other posts mentioned as well today! I appreciate the ideas shared here and always learn something new! Keep up the great work!!

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