The Internet Is Cool!

Annie (@sotomorrow) sent over this great Body Positive Storytime from Liz (@lizinthelibrary) (who I think I maybe met in a bar at ALA2010? Did that happen?) There’s a lot I like about this post: That she explains the educational value behind flannel stories, that she lists A LOT of alternate book options (I never seem to have the books people list in their posts) and of course that she’ s doing covert feminist storytime in a totally nonthreatening manner. I definitely plan on trying out this storytime myself. 

Those geniuses over at the Storytime Underground Facebook page all listed their blogs, so if you need to repopulate your RSS feed, you’re golden.

Holy ECRR2, Batgirl! Kelsey shares a ton of parent tips, organized by ECRR2 skill. Like a ton. Like, A TON. The internet makes me LOOK like a really smart librarian to my patrons, because my colleagues post resources like this. Thanks, colleagues!

I don’t know that this video is skill building, per se, but it IS Mercer Mayer telling There’s An Alligator Under My Bed, so, I thought you’d want to see it.

In animal photo news, this young gentleman needs his tummy boopsered, so please volunteer if you are available for that. 



As always, if you see something (awesome) say something (via email, twitter or Facebook). 



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  1. missmaryliberry

    BOOP! There. Done. BOOP!BOOP!BOOP! Sorry. Couldn’t resist. Have you seen “A Little Book of Sloth” by Lucy Cooke? So many boopable sloths.

  2. There are some really beautiful, poetic things about this post that should not be overlooked. First of all, we should be referencing Batgirl as much as possible since she is the OL (original librarian).Second, the only tag given to this is “storytime badassery.” Finally, boopsered is a fantastic word. Bravo, Cory. And thanks for the shout out!

    • I feel I should clarify that in my family, we call a raspberry a boopser. So, when you bury your face in the tummy of a fat baby/cat/other mammal and blow air through your lips, hence tickling them, it is “boopsering.” My family likes to make up words. We also call colanders star bowls.

      Also, you’re welcome!

      • When my son was a baby, we called him Boopsy. Don’t know why, we just did. A few months later, my niece was born. We started to call her Boopette. Some of us thought it was cute. Her father did not. Anyway, both Boopsy and Boopette got plenty of boopsering.

        And yes, storytime badassery is an awesome tag.

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