The Coolest Thing I Saw On The Internet This Week

This has been a long, long week of flex scheduling in which I attempt to do staff training, go to mandatory City stuff, do school outreach and attend to various managerial duties. It has involved a lot of coffee and whining. So, I’m not saying there wasn’t a huge amount of cool shit going down on the internet this week, I’m just saying I didn’t see it, because I wasn’t reading blogs, because I was staring blankly at episodes of Murder, She Wrote and/or trying to read Winger through the swimmy words in front of my watery eyeballs. That’s a long explanation for why this is a short/late post.

I try to avoid linking in these posts to my co-bloggers, because it seems self-promoting and also they are SO COOL I would just talk about them constantly if I got started, but did you guys see Amy’s post on preschool dance party? It’s a great way to help parents become more comfortable playing with their kids.

Another blog I try not to talk about all the time is Beyond the Book, which is my number one favorite blog for learning to do puppet shows at storytime. Steven recently did Arnold Lobel (<3!)’s Mouse Tales and it’s a great example of why his posts are so valuable: They’re highly detailed with both how (exactly how he had kids interact) and why (vocab stretching, concepts of high and low). Also he often digs into the backlist for good ideas, which I appreciate.

I’m pretty sure I’m in love with Miss Nina and her videos.

This week in pictures, I have a baby hedgehog:


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  1. The link to Miss Nina goes to the Beyond the Book storytime blog. Were you referring to something else? I’m always looking for new videos.

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