The Coolest Thing I Saw At Space Camp

There was NOT a coolest thing post last week because I was on Chincoteague Island, VA  (with the phenomenal Sara Bryce — @PLSanders — of Bryce Don’t Play) at a 2-day NASA workshop for librarians and camp directors. We learned a ton about lunar science programming, and we saw the LADEE lunar launch up close, and it was insane and amazing. If you are interested in being a citizen scientist and helping NASA with the LADEE mission, I have got info for you. If you want to hear a story about that time we saw a girl get bitten by a shark, well, buy me a cup of coffee at Midwinter. I have photos.

I do feel a LITTLE bad that I ditched you guys for astronauts and the Atlantic ocean last week, but I’ve got some really awesome Awesomes this week. Most of this stuff I saw on Flannel Friday, I’m not gonna lie. Are y’all reading Flannel Friday? You must be. It’s the most useful professional skill trade on the internet, I’m pretty sure.

From Lisa (@lmulvenna) at Libraryland comes this Play to Learn program that is more impressive than I have superlatives for. There is so much going on here. She does a great job of explaining what all the skills are that she’s teaching with the program, but it’s the little touches that are over the top amazing: printing the kid’s names so they can recognize and practice letters on their nametags, using feelings in her matching game so it’s teaching emotional intelligence, how much this asks of parents in terms of interaction. This is one of those times when I feel a serious professional crush developing.

Speaking of Mem Fox!! Here is a VERY COOL update on Mel’s quest for research to back up Mem’s claim that children who learn 8 nursery rhymes are better readers. Amy (@choosejoytoday) at Catch the Possibilities went down the research rabbit hole, and lived to tell the tale.

Are you just out of school and never once heard about flannel boards until you got your first professional job (that happened to me!) or are you training someone new to flannel boards? Or are you trying to justify flannels for reasons of time or money to administrators? This PDF on all things flannel is seriously indispensable, and I’m KIND OF MAD I didn’t have it two years ago.

I love this post from Nicole (@nikarella) at Narrating Tales of Preschool Storytime about parachute play, because she talks about what she expected to happen and then what actually happened.

Need a new opening song? The lovelies on the FB community have many, many, many ideas for you.

I’m in love with these prints of animals as astronauts, especially this gentleman:

space gorilla


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  1. Hi,
    Great post with lots of wonderful ideas!
    Can you please resend the PDF link about All Things Flannel? I can’t seem to open it.
    Thanks so much!

  2. Loved your post but am really interested in the flannel PDF. Could you post when the link is fixed.
    Thanks so much

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