The Coolest Thing I Saw on the Internet This Week

Some of you I know are blessed to be musicians by nature (Julie, Tabin), but I am not. It took a lot of effort for me to get over being self-conscious about my tone deafness and get willing to let loose and sing in storytime. The reason I did is because I kept hearing how important music was to children’s development. Why is it so important for us to incorporate music in storytime? Dr. Lilli Levinowitz gives a lot of phenomenal info. This article just cements for me how much I need to get over myself and singsingsing.

We all know, theoretically, that you don’t have to read a whole book in storytime. Abby (@abbylibrarian) does a great job of explaining how to shorten a book, and how to turn it into a teachable moment for parents. While you’re at her blog, check out this explanation of how she put together a new early readers storytime.

I really dig this guest blog by Heather McNeil at the ALSC blog about incorporating STEM into storytime. I think some of us hear “STEM in storytime” and go “AACK! More?” and she has easy, solid ideas. Also, I LOVE how she reminds us continuously link STEM and fun. 

Videos! These two only made a couple of videos, and it bums me out because they are awesome. These videos were the first ones I watched where I was like, yo, I am not upping my game enough when it comes to singing versus reciting these rhymes. 

You know what ELSE happened this week? Joss came back to TV, and so did SHEPHERD BOOK. 



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