The Coolest Thing I Saw From People I Really Like

I feel really lucky to have Sara Bryce in my posse, because she is hilarious and has good taste in restaurants and supports my buying pajamas with Librarian Cookie Monster on them but also because she is a really great, dedicated librarian and SMART AS HELL, as evidenced by this post she wrote about prescriptions for how to do literacy “right.” We’re professionals. We know our community. I love that she uses the word deliberate, because I think that’s exactly how we plan storytime. I was thinking about how much I hate the word intentional in these contexts, because I think there’s a ton of privilege to unpack there (Another day, another rant) but I think deliberate is perfectly descriptive. Anyway, read that shit, it’s brills. Plus the GIFs are excellent. Plus Sara’s My People. 

I knew I liked Rick when I met him at Guerrilla Storytime and he had great parent tips and busted out a uke to sing a fantastic song about a rooster. Kendra just pointed out to me that he runs a blog for his library. And it has videos! Of fingerplays! It’s pretty excellent. 

I don’t know Shawn at Read, Rhyme & Sing, but I’m pretty sure she’s awesome. Her Mommy and Me activities are creative, interactive, and build multiple skills at once. I’m totally trying all of them out. 

Are you guys doing Fall storytimes? Reading apple stories? Check out this fine motor skill-building playdough activity.

The Bloggess wrote this post that made me cry laughing, in case you need that in the middle of your week. 

Speaking of things that will make you feel, and old friends! Someone Pinned this and it made me feel 14, which was just as awkward as it sounds, so now I pass it on to you. Don’t dream it, be it. 



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  1. OK I really want to see these Librarian Cookie Monster pjs! Coz they sound super awesome and I want to get my hands on a pair of them!!

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