Finally, the coolest thing I saw on the internet

Speaking of privilege, Jacob Berg wrote a great post about it here. I was glad to see him acknowledge on Twitter that there’s also a huge gender element, with men writing about a female-dominated profession. All of these conversations going on about all the different kinds of privilege are hugely important, and I want to see them continue.

Speaking of impostor syndrome, I love this post by Char Booth even though it uses That Word. As a girl with a background in comparative mythology, anyone who starts with metacognition has me at hello. Or, you know, at metacognition.

SLC book boy has a ton of great stuff, and I’ve been meaning to link to him for weeks. This week he has a stone soup spin off that I am all about. Stone Soup is one of my all-time favorites.

This post on why the 1990 Ninja Turtles movie is THE BEST is old, but I found it when I fell down a rabbit hole at Crunchings and Munchings, which is not a storytime blog but it IS an amazing YA lit blog, and it is dead on about the storytelling in that movie (We are really into the Ninja Turtles here at SU).

We are also really into the How of Storytime (like the Tao of Storytime, but. . .no, I don’t know where I was going with that), so I googled “Storytime How To” and the first link I got was this one from the ALSC blog about putting on sensory storytimes for kids with autism. It’s pretty darned great.

I spent all of last week preparing for, traveling to and giving a presentation. I didn’t spend a lot of time online, because I was doing things like shadowing Angie Manfredi at work through three ages of storytime, watching her make magic. I really highly recommend, if possible, watching librarians you admire do their thing at storytime. Nothing is better for learning new tricks. Anyway, tell me what I missed in the past couple of weeks, and I’ll add it into the post.

This week brought to you by coffee and Music + Movement (aka BABYDANCE)


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  1. thanks for linking to the TMNT post!! you are rad.

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