The Coolest Thing I Saw On The Internet: Birthday Edition

Tomorrow marks 20 years since I failed to receive my Hogwarts letter. I’m not saying I’m bitter, but I will never forget this, Albus.

Julie (@himissjulie) tweeted a link to this post about why toddlers push limits. I clicked on all the links and fell down a rabbit hole of parenting theory. In a good way! All of this is written for parents but I think is really useful for librarians both because toddlers DO push our limits and also because sometimes we watch parents, uh, not necessarily handle things the way we think we would.

These two posts from the Flannel Friday roundup both talk about a costume theme in storytime. I am excited about this right out of the gate because I fracking love costumes. Kay at Library Storytime ABCs did a whole costume theme for her October storytimes, which, how genius is that? I mean, I love monsters, and kids love monsters, but let’s shake this baby up (DO NOT SHAKE THE BABY). Miss Sue at Let the Wild Rumpus Start did this phenomenal flannel board called “that’s a costume.” This is SO SMART, and reminds me of Annie’s Kindergarten readiness storytime, in that it uses the unique position in which we find ourselves as storytime librarians to help ease difficult transitions. In this case, dude, I know some toddlers who are going to roll with Halloween like it’s the best and most natural thing ever but I also know some who will NOT be able to HANDLE that everyone’s FACES look DIFFERENT. So, getting kids used to the idea that people in costumes are still themselves is important, and a pretty complex message for a flannel. I LOVE IT.

Looking for a quick, elevator speech-style advocacy link to give to parents who are curious about why storytime is important? Multnomah, on top of being smart enough to employ Kirby McCurtis, also has this great write up for parents on early literacy.

ETA: I forgot to link to Julia Quinn’s amazing Pinterest board of VINTAGE LIBRARY POSTERS. It’s THE BEST.

Dumbledore may have let me down, but this dude never will:


Happy Birthday to Me! And Best love out to the Wisconsin librarians who are putting on a Guerrilla Storytime this week!


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  1. Thanks for the shout out! That means a LOT to me!

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