The Spookiest Thing I Saw on the Internet This Week

So many links this week! So little actual storytime! Kidding. I’ll give you some storytime, I promise. 

The NYT had an article about what we already know: kids from wealthy families hear more words, which makes them more ready to read. We need to get to kids way before Kindergarten if we want them to read at grade level by 3rd grade. It’s nice to see a well-respected national platform say what we’re saying all the time. 

THIS article from the NYT rubs me the wronnnnnnng way. It’s about a new wave of board books, which like, yes, I think it’s awesome to put beautiful art in board books, but this reads so very baby Einstein. First, didn’t we already all decide that listening to classical music is not necessarily better for baby’s brains than, say, the Beatles (arguably classical music)? Second, I don’t know what birthday parties these people were going to 20 years ago, but in my neighborhood taking board books to a birthday party wouldn’t have been “too cheap,” it would have saved mom a couple of trips to the library on the bus, trips she couldn’t afford and was too tired to deal with. So. Third, I don’t think Wuthering Heights (a book I hate with a BURNING FUCKING* PASSION) makes for a better board book than Eric Carle. Jusssst me. ALSO I think that regular-ass board books already promote print motivation, which is what you actually want at that age, developmentally. 

If you guys do teen services as well, I hope you already read Teen Librarian Toolbox, because it’s a great resource. I’m linking to this quote they posted by Laurie Halse Anderson, because it messed with my head all day and I have been thinking about what we can do as storytime providers to help create atmospheres of gender equality without being too didactic. 

I think this article on mistakes women make in the workplace is interesting. I agree with the commenters who point out that sometimes you work in an environment so misogynist that you have to take on these traits to get through. I’m always fascinated by gender issues in the workplace, especially since youth services librarians are doing traditional women’s work in a female-dominated field where management is disproportionately male. I’d like to hear what y’all think of this article in the comments. 

Micah Vandegrift wrote this smart, thought-provoking post for In The Library With a Lead Pipe on recognition in the profession, a topic y’all know I have some FEELINGS ABOUT. I’m glad he acknowledges the weird place of being young in the profession but having name recognition for one cool idea that a lot of other people made happen. Not that anyone knows my name. But otherwise, total twinsies. This one’s long, but worth it.

Semi-storytime related: PLA and ALSC got a grant to do early childhood literacy research! Hallelujah. 

For-realsies storytime related:

Lisa at Libraryland talks about WHY she sends home props (story stretchers, helps kids get imaginative, helps encourage parents to craft at home no matter their skill level, etc) and it’s pretty great. 

Did you know that Lisa at Thrive After Three (different Lisa) often posts great videos with her storytime descriptions? She does.

This post is too long, y’all. We need something FUN. 

Happy Halloween, y’all! Don’t forget to check out Rick’s AMAZING Guerrilla of the Month profile, and this week’s Flannel Friday Thanksgiving/Chanukah roundup!

*Anna HK told me recently that SU lacks cursing, which in no way reflects my actual, drunken sailor mode of address. 


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