The Coolest Thing I Saw on the Internet This Week

We’re going short this week, because, you know, last week. . .

Rebecca (@rebeccazdunn, and you should for sure follow her) at Sturdy For Common Things, which is a favorite of mine, has this phenomenal post on reading to babies in the womb. It’s got research to back it up and is written so that you could definitely link your expecting moms to it.

I just found, and love, this old conversation on Mel’s Desk about the do’s, don’ts and essentials of storytime. Follow the links down the rabbit hole. See some of our SU favorites in the comments!

1234 More Storytimes is hosting Flannel Friday this week (Chanukgiving!) and also has this amazing Wheel of Pigs. I love the idea of this but also that the post talks about how many different things any storytime activity does at once. Tell me in the comments what your favorite heavy-lifting, multiple-ECRR-skills-at-once-but-still-so-fun activity is.

How accessible is your SRP? I think this is such a necessary conversation.

Someone linked to this on Twitter this week, and holy crap. It is an open source TACO DATABASE. Y’all know how I feel about tacos. You’re welcome.

I found this list of surprisingly cute baby animals. I highly recommend scrolling through for the porcupine. Look, they have llamas. How can you resist?



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