The Coolest Thing I Saw On The Internet This Week



My mom emailed me this cat picture and it made my week.

I mean, I don’t want to link to our own blog, but that Wisconsin Guerrilla Storytime was SOOO COOL.

Also cool, I wrote a guest post for Letters to a Young Librarian. Thanks for hosting me, Jessica!

Rita Meade at Screwy Decimal wrote this really, really interesting post on the word “fat” in read-alouds. Oh man, do I have some thoughts. I mean, I read that post and it hit me in all the places, and I was like, I get it. I. get. it. I’ve had that pause at that line of that book. On one hand, to quote my dear friend Angie,  Fat is just a descriptor for how I look, I reject it as a value judgment/moral statement about who I am. We, all of us who hate fat shaming and body policing and the heteronormative patriarchy, must take back the word fat and redefine it. I’m on that train, yo. BUT ALSO. We live in this world right now, where that word has not yet been redefined, not just for us adult librarians with body image issues but for little kids maybe already getting pushed around for it by their peers or bullied by well-meaning (or just body image-burdened) parents. I have been thinking a lot about the messages we send to kids in storytime since Angie (same Angie) brought up how fucked up Mem Fox’s 10 Little Fingers is, because it implies that if you don’t have 10 finger and 10 toes, you are not perfect. I AM NOT READING THAT BOOK IN STORYTIME, y’all. I’ve also been thinking about making kids who can’t clap or do fingerplays feel included and whole, but that’s probably a different post. Anyway. You and I know it is okay to not have 10 fingers/toes and also, at least in our heads if not always in our hearts (THANKS PATRIARCHY) that it is OKAY TO BE FAT but a lot of kids and parents sure don’t, and I certainly do not want some poor kid coming to storytime and getting down with the awesome caterpillar and then WHAM sad feelings all up in his face. HOWEVER I do want kids who are maybe struggling with being pressured about their weight (and yes, some of them are, already, at 3, being pressured about their weight by both peers and parents) to come to storytime and see the awesome caterpillar and be like, what’s up, he’s fat too, and the librarian obviously thinks that’s FINE AND DANDY. I’m going to keep reading that line out loud, because I want to think being fat is okay and I want kids to know I think it’s okay, and also ’cause, you know, fuck the patriarchy and all. But man oh man oh man, I get it. I do I do I do.

On an entirely different note, PUPPETS! Remember how Beyond the Book is the best puppet resource on the web? They have a youtube channel!!!!! Glory be.

I’m intrigued by Amy at Laptime and Storytime’s method of talking about manners using dinosaurs and colors. Part of what we’re doing in storytime is teaching social literacy, after all!

Jennifer at Jean Little Library did a “week in the life” post with I think illustrates pretty well how busy and varied our jobs are.

Huge thanks to Linda Meuse for this post on new youth services librarians avoiding burnout. Slow down, you say? Madness — oh wait, that’s a tree.

Thanks to Rick for pointing out that the ECRR2 brochure comes IN SPANISH now!!


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