The Coolest Things

THIS WEEK, you guys. Was super emotionally draining, in a really good way.

Ok, so Anna (@opinionsbyanna) at Future Librarian Superhero did a really cool post where she talked about how she does her kindergarten visits and also WHY (we love why) she chooses the books she does.

Brooke (@berasche) at Reading with Red talked about setting up an Early Literacy Center, and while we don’t do Thanksgiving at my library (in the Indian Capital of the World) I am IN LOVE with her interactive parent elements. Great way to teach early childhood skills to parents with passive programming, while also encouraging family crafting!

Did you know that Katie (@sharingsoda) at Storytime Secrets does these really thoughtful picture book reviews that include reader’s advisory and storytime possibilities. I dig it! ran a blog post about how easy it is to incorporate music into your toddler’s day. I think these would make great cards/handouts for parents to take home after a Music and Movement session.

At Robert Munsch’s website, you can listen to him read his books. True story.

Kids learn through touch! This tactile alphabet also uses different colors for vowels! This is such a smart, simple project that could be expanded in so many ways, to help make letters a more concrete concept for kids.

Zooborns is my all time favorite internet black hole, and this week there were BABY GIBBONS.



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