The Coolest Thing I Saw On The Internet This Thanksgivukah

There was no post last week. I was prepping for a 6 hour drive home at 4am. You guys totally didn’t even notice, I’m guessing.

I should mention that we are on Circulating Ideas this week, which is SUPER EXCITING. 

We also got name checked a bunch this week, which is pretty exciting! Marge and Linda Meuse said nice things about us, and Miss Meg got inspired to hack her OWN storytime. 

Storytime ABCs posted this amazing Gingerbread Memory Game, and I am jealous and want them. 

SPEAKING OF FOOD: Picture books are a great way to teach kids life skills, emotional literacy, compassion. . .and you know, other deeply important things. (Also somehow I’d never read Playing By the Book. It’s never too late!)

You know how much we love WHY here at Storytime Underground. Check out this excellent review of why and how a new picture book (that’s getting a LOT of buzz) works as a read-aloud, over at Rain Makes Applesauce. 

Brooke over at Reading With Red is getting creative in an attempt to get parents of infants to read with their kids. Her Baby Book Bees program is super great, and I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you want to steal it. 

Bryce introduced me to a new blog, Hushlander. I’m really into how Ariel talks about why she likes books and songs, why she chooses them, how they work and how storytime goes overall. You can also follow her @hushlander. I mean, she shares a name with a pretty badass mermaid, so you should probably look into it. 

Y’all are always telling us you want more videos. Have you checked out King County’s video database? DO IT.  



The squee, it is well underway. 



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  1. Hope you get to eat a really delicious sandwich today 😉

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