The Coolest Thing I Saw on the Internet This Week (and this week needed some cool stuff)

To begin with, Marley was dead. STOP! Wrong story.

Y’all, I had a terrible day AND I spent most of my week reading articles about R. Kelly (important, but not really the material I look for for this post) so I asked Twitter to send me links and I got THIS. Thanks, Twitter. Also this GIF of a hedgehog in a hat. I love you, tweeps.

Dana and Lindsey at Jbrary, who we posilutely adore, made a blogreel and it has blogs I’ve never seen before!!!! It really IS Christmas.

Here are some favorite new finds:

Some mad amazing STEAM storytimes are happening over at Knowledge Matters.

I don’t THINK I’ve visited Never Shushed (great name!!) before, but I will definitely be keeping it in rotation from now on. I love that Claudia talks in-depth about her book choices, and uses Todd Parr, and has the good sense to be a fan of Sturdy for Common Things.

Pop Goes The Page has instructions for some intensely theatrical storytimes.

Storytime Stuff has recently featured some great info about the benefits of signing with kids (and library staff).

Also great this week: Bryce talks about owning the fact that you ARE a reader (I don’t seem to have any trouble with this admission, myself) and this blog post my mom sent me (hi Mom!) about how the way we women talk about ourselves impacts the youngest girls (and boys!) in our lives.

Have an extraordinary yuletide, ninjas! My family reads A Christmas Carol out loud every year, so I will leave you with a very non-denominational, God Bless Us, Every One.*

For Christmas, I got you Captain Pickard as Ebenezer Scrooge. You’re welcome.


*Or the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Or Cthulhu. I’m not picky.


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