The Coolest Thing I Saw In The Polar Vortex

Having just moved and started a new job, I am a bear of very little brain (OMG, on my commute home tonight NPR was talking AA Milne. My life was made). It’s not anywhere near as cold here as it is in most places, but it is, like, really effing cold for the Southern coast. Between moving, cold and new job brain fry (plus learning to drive in CRAZY PEOPLE DRIVING LAND) I am relying heavily on other people’s recs this week.*

Abby gave us a shout out on the ALSC blog, which is always seriously exciting for me. Her other recommendations for new employee training are stellar. We’re in great company!

Including <drum roll> MEL! IS BACK! FROM HIATUS! Thank God. She’s doing a reader’s survey, so help her out by getting opinionated. Y’all are good at that.

And speaking of good training materials, Erin over at Falling Flannelboards has these easily printable roundups of books-songs-crafts around themes that she just started doing. Great for the newb. Thanks to Amy for the link.

There are some very wow discussions going on right now at the SU FB group. Thanks to Allison Girres for linking to this GREATTTTT series over at Library As Incumbator Project called Books to Boogie. It goes in depth about how to use different books for movement activities, and it’s stellar.

Julie (HiMissJulie! I hope the cold does not strand you forever!) linked to a couple of her favorite non-library blogs, including Teacher Tom, about preschoolers, and Not Just Cute, about childhood development. I am definitely into the idea of reading broadly, and outside of the library bubble, about early childhood education.

I never got a chance to post this one from the end of last year: New-to-me blog Allison’s Library is a great mix of book reviews, teen crafts, display ideas, opinion pieces, etc. I loved this piece on Teddy Bear Lapsit because she talks you through the hows and whys of the format she used.

I think somebody linked me to this and I can’t remember who (speak up in the comments if it was you!). This idea comes from a non-library blog, and it’s a little portable flannel board with story for kids stuck in the hospital who have restrictions on what toys they can have. It’s pretty much the best idea ever. Flannel boards have a million story possibilities.

The best thing, the very best thing, I saw on the internet this week was this picture of Congresswoman Giffords getting ready to go skydiving on the 3rd anniversary of being shot in the head. On behalf of Tucson ex-pats everywhere, I say HELL YEAH. *



*Full disclosure: This is a hard day for me. 3 years ago today, I was at work when reports started to trickle in that my congresswoman, for whom I had gladly voted, had been shot at the Safeway 3 blocks away. I knew Gabby, from campaign work and from my dad’s synagogue. For hours we thought she was dead. I was panicked, because it was Dad’s normal shopping day and his regular store. Later, we heard Gabby had made it, but Gabe Zimmerman hadn’t. I went to high school with Gabe, and though I didn’t know him, he was very dear to many people I know. His loss was felt profoundly in my circles. I had done campaign work for Daniel Hernandez, who was a hero before that day. It was really close and really terrifying and really awful, for the community I loved + grew up in. I did just hear that Gabby has regained use of her arm, which is huge! That woman is a fighter like you have never seen. Anyway.


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  1. Gabby Giffords is amazing!

    And I think it was me who posted the flannel gift in the FF FB group. 🙂

  2. Hey! Thanks for linking to my post! This is a fantastic round up of ideas. I always look forward to The Coolest Thing on the Internet!

  3. Good luck transitioning to your new job, Cory!

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