The Coolest Thing I Saw On The Internet This Fortnight

I promise we’ll get back into the regular, weekly swing of things once I’m settled in to the new place/job/city. In the meantime, we have this radical blog series going on, about building your PLN. That’s more interesting than Coolest Thing, anyway.

In keeping with the Year of the Ninja, many of my favorites this week came straight from the SU Facebook page (I mistyped that as Favebook, which is pretty perfect). Are you a member of the group? WHY NOT?

Miss Michelle blogged about her sick storytime and also her obsession with boogers. I love that the song she used teaches left and right while also teaching about staying healthy during cold season.

Jennifer at In Short, I am Busy shows a great way to talk to parents about how we incorporate ECRR2 into storytime (bonus penguins).

You know I love Brooke, and she’s got great early literacy tips going on in her storytime posts, including this one about object permanence/peek-a-boo!.

I love a good “Day in the Life” post, and also when people call out Amy and Abby (which means I pretty much love the entire children’s librarian internet) so I’m really into this post over at Laptime and Storytime.

I’m glad for this timely reminder from Not Just Cute about diversity in picture books. I like to pick a whole set of picture books for storytime that happen to all have kids of color in them, kind of just to see if I can, but also because it IS so important for kids to see both themselves and kids of all backgrounds reflected in their books.

This is a slightly older post from No Time for Flashcards, but I love how she ties in so many early literacy aspects to the (AWESOME) snow window craft. Also, both this and the previous link mention my beloved The Snowy Day. Peter! I love you!

I pretty much only read women authors already, because, you know, the patriarchy, but also because I primarily read trashy books. I am more than happy to tweet about my reading choices, because, you know, patriarchy, but also because lady writers are FRACKING AMAZING.

Speaking of the patriarchy! (Aren’t we always?) I want to add my voice to the chorus of support for ALA’s Code of Conduct, for the reasons Andromeda lays out and for many others.

Annie and Kendra were talking about the Mighty Ducks (QUACK!) on Twitter, and Kendra opined that it was all about Emilio for her, but I only ever had eyes for one Duck:


Call me, Pacey.

Did you see something awesome this week? Email me or leave it in the comments!


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  1. Uh oh…now everyone knows about my preoccupation with boogers. Thanks for the shout out, Cory! 🙂

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