The Coolest Thing(s+++) I Saw This Week

You guys! You were all KILLING IT this week. I have so many links. BUT BEFORE I GET TO THEM!

I know you are all waiting to read the Guerrilla Storytime recap. It will go live tomorrow, fear not! Speaking of Guerrilla Storytime, and we often are because that’s how this blog came to be, did you see this excellent article by beloved ninja and fat girl reading Angie on the American Libraries Blog? It was so good my dad shared it on his Facebook wall, so. You know. It’s good to have famous friends, basically. We also made it on the ALSC blog (thanks Abby!) and got a shout out on the FB page of my hometown library! Thanks, Tucson. I heart you.

Okay, back to the part where you are all talented badasses. Noted talented-badass-with-great-hair Cate at Storytiming made a take home story stretcher infographic and wrote a follow up post to talk about the awesome ways parents used the story stretcher at home to continue the pre-literacy mojo. It’s such an easy idea that does so much. Ugh. So smart. I’m so jealous I didn’t think of it.

Quite a few of the posts I read this week featured librarians changing up their storytime plans because of time/weather/etc. and finding themselves with serendipitous results. A couple of these that I really loved were: Ariel at Hushlander talking about simplifying her script and ending up with more time for literacy focus (as a bonus, she writes really lovely, detailed book descriptions) and Anna (HI ANNA I MISS YOUR FACE) at Future Librarian Superhero showing the exact process of how you modify a storytime as you go, when it’s obviously not going to work as planned.

Over at Literacious, Laura Arnhold shares a great parent tip on how shapes are an important part of learning letters. Also she mentions Guerrilla Storytime. It’s the secret guaranteed way to get a shout out from me.

I really like the color/sequencing/memory game Anne has going on with her paint storytime over at Anne’s Library Life. I also like that she explains EXACTLY how to use this flannel set step by step, including the educational benefits. ANNNND she uses one of my all time favorite go to never fail storytime books, Ain’t Gonna Paint No More, AND she has the kids paint on themselves with dry paintbrushes which is a super cool sensory element. NEAT. I really really like that her blog tagline includes conquering the world through storytime, as we are all about that over here in the Underground.

FEAST YOUR EYES on this Elvis Storytime. Need I say more?

Have you ever seen someone post a Draw and Tell Story and thought, Yes but how is it DONE? Linda Meuse is here for you, for all of us, and just in time for Valentine’s Day.

A couple of things you should know about! 1) Falling Flannelboards has a series of new picture book reviews called Perfect for Storytime 2) Storytimes and More on the Go has a Saturday Storytime Share, sort of like a Flannel Friday roundup, but with more of an emphasis on outreach and activities and school-aged stuff, and it is super crazy chock full of awesome like whoah and nelly.

Also big congrats to Locomotive, which I thought was a stunning book, and to (weird as shit) Mr. Wuffles and (extraordinarily told) Journey for stretching the limits of what picture books are and do.  This year felt like whole new horizons opening up and I’m so excited about it.

Stay tuned tomorrow, when Amy tells us all about Midwinter’s Guerrilla Storytime!


Be careful out there. I love you. Elvis loves you. Keep kicking ass!

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  1. 1) OMG!!! My dad has been bugging me to do an Elvis storytime FOREVER!! My birthday is 1/8, and giving me Elvis paraphernalia is 2nd favorite joke. (believe me, you don’t want hear his 1st favorite joke.) This is going to blow his mind.

    2) Thanks for the shout out!

    3) What about my hair? I miss the &*%# out of you, darlin’!

  2. I guess that wasn’t the most professional comment of all time, but…oh well.

  3. Thank you for saying Mr. Wuffles is weird. Every time I see that book on display I stop and stare at it with a tilted head. So bizarre…

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