The Internet is For Cat Videos

As I was about to start this post, one of my best friends sent me a link to a 25 minute compilation of the internet’s best cat vines. It’s fine, go, I’ll wait here. 

 Now that I’ve destroyed your productivity. . . I must direct you to the ALSC blog where they have made the EXCELLENT DECISION to feature Angie (@misskubelik), dear member of both my professional posse and personal Team Me, as their ALSC member of the month. Well played, ALSC. Well played. It is of course a charming interview and you will probably come away from it wishing Angie were in your PLN and that YOU could kick ass at trivia with her and get shushed on an airplane while discussing the Love Curse of the Rumbaughs. This is not an impossible dream. Through the power of the internet, you can become friends with all sorts of famous people. 

Miss Meg (at Miss Meg’s Storytime) has a great shapes “workshop.” Shapes are key! They promote letter knowledge! She incorporates yoga and matching and real life examples and all sorts of fun stuff. Another great way to add a STEAM element to storytime. 

Head over to Thrive After Three for this SUPPPPPPPER SMART post on how to use scarves in early literacy contexts, and pair them with books. For real, if you haven’t seen this post yet, it’s going to blow your mind wide open with scarfy possibilities. 

Did you know that Annie Clark (@sotomorrow) is a genius? A genius with a kid SO CUTE it is difficult to fathom? It’s all true. In honor of the Olympics, Annie put on a Mother Goose Olympics (that I’m pretty sure is a lot more gay friendly than Sochi) and it is seriously cool beyond words. What a great way to introduce kids (and parents!), in a physical way, to older nursery rhymes where the vocabulary is difficult or unfamiliar. 

Did y’all have kind of a rough week? I had a rough couple of them, and I’ve been relying on music to get me through. Here is a surefire get-through-a-bad-day winner:

(Are you ready? Are you ready?)


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  1. Thanks for the shoutout! Love your blog and all the ninjas. =)

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