The Coolest Thing I Saw on the — NEW JOINT CHIEF!!!

I am SO EXCITED to announce that we, the Joint Chiefs, after a long search, have finally found our Michelangelo, our Ringo Starr, our. . . I don’t really know. People, start naming famous groups of four in the comments. Help me out here. 

We are all thrilled to officially announce that Brooke Rasche has become a Storytime Underground Joint Chief. WELCOME TO THE TEAM, BROOKE!!!



You. Yes. You.

One of the things we’ve been talking about a lot, as Joint Chiefs and as a community (THANKS ANNA!) is incorporating diversity in storytime, all the time. Do you feel like all your tried and true storytime go-tos are. . .not so diverse? Do you know about Black Threads in Kids Lit yet? Thanks to HiMissJulie for the link. 

Carol Simon Levin is doing a series of storytimes on art, and they are all really cool. This one has fantastic ideas for teaching different types of to kids through crafts. 

I love this post on Miss Mary Liberry about Going On a Picnic. It’s really smart to use the fruit to talk about letter sounds, colors and, well, fruit. 

Liz at Getting Giggles has an excellent idea for a “drive in movie.” There’s so much opportunity here for learning by touch and vocabulary building. She recently posted about a similar program with trains, and gives a great explanation for how she gets the kids to tell her stories (narrative!) and connect storytime back to their lives. 

So many good ideas over at Tippytoe crafts for incorporating books and STEAM! I’m especially fond of the chameleon. The seamless integration of literacy, art, science and fun is perfect. 



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  1. …your Winston Zeddemore (4th member of the Ghostbusters)

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