Michigan’s Awesome Guerrilla Storytime, and a Big Community Milestone

I loooooove me some Michigan librarians (also: Vernor’s, Hamtramck, legalized same sex marriage and the Red Wings, so basically, all of Michigan except the snow), and some of my favorites just put on a Guerrilla Storytime at MLA’s Spring Institute. AND THEY TOOK GREAT NOTES, and Lisa @ Libraryland has posted this extensive recap post, because she rocks. AND AND AND AND they made a Pinterest page! Whut? I think this idea has legs, y’all. 

In other News of Note, this weekend the Facebook community hit 1000 members!!!!!!!!!! This is amazing. I asked ninjas to share what awesomeness they are doing, and some GIFs, and here are some responses: 

“I’ve revamped our weekly storytime structure to include more developmentally appropriate story groups, we now do tradition storytimes. . . but we also offer Hop, Skip & Jump (a gross motor playtime that incorporates stories, rhymes & songs), Little Scientists . . .Silly Sensory (a messy playtime that incorporates stories, rhymes & songs-the kids get to play in sensory bins with things like rice, playdoh, gelatine, cooked spaghetti, sand, etc) and Multicultural Music & Me.” -Wendy Lehman


“We’ve required registrations for our storytimes and they always filled up quickly with a huge waiting list. We had a great group of loyal regulars but we felt as though vwe weren’t connecting with new families. We added a walk in storytime on Friday morning that’s been filled with new faces. We’re also doing walking crafts that are based on picture books and are developmentally appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers. We give parents a list of questions and prompts that they can use to enhance their child’s crafting experience and encourage that growing vocabulary. We’re also doing toddler dance parties and parachute playtimes to encourage gross motor skill development.” -Katie Kiekhaefer


 Introduced a new program a week ago after months of planning. Common Ground – outreach to the community. Using the pre-k and K CCSS books combined with the principles of ECRR and bringing tablets along (to close the digital divide) I meet once a week with an amazing multi-cultural group of moms and dads and their preschoolers for stories, songs, flannels and fun ” -Jane Breen

“As part of a special statewide early literacy initiative rolling out next month, we have chicken eggs incubating at our library (initiative has a bird theme). The baby chicks should arrive by April 5 when one of our state senators will be onsite to read a story to the kids and we distribute free books. Because it is never to early to read to your babies, I read “The Little Red Hen” to the eggs yesterday. I think they were very inspired!” -Jean Bosch


 In the process of revamping my Saturday storytimes to focus on bringing families together. It’s now a short family storytime with board games and card games afterward and I’m extending invitations to our local ESL tutors to hang out too! Yay! ” -Brytani Fraser






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