Things On The Internet, they are really cool

Cool thing one is getting to hang out with Curtis Acosta (@CurtisAcostaLLP), my maestro and friend. Acosta taught me to love Sherman Alexie and Langston Hughes, that it was okay to hate The Scarlet Letter, and that a teacher can save a life. Later, he taught the world about how an ethnic studies program can completely change a community, make broken kids feel whole and wanted and important and seen, terrify racists and draw out book censors and bigots in ways that had to be seen to be believed. I could (and probably someday will) talk about how his pedagogy changed the course of my life, but for now know that for real, Storytime Underground would never have become a thing if I’d never been assigned to that dude’s class junior year of high school. I probably also would not have my BFF, which is a BFD.


(15 years later, we are looking good)

Other Cool Things!


I am reallllly into this post over at 3 Dinosaurs about building gross motor skills and letter knowledge at the same time. Taping down letters, having kids walk over them, tiptoe over them, push balls over them. . .it’s just really smart on multiple levels. Plus, it takes advantage of whatever is available, and could easily be adapted to larger groups.

How cool is it to see the importance of talking to babies being featured in the NYT? Also, PROVIDENCE YO. Way to be pioneer ways to serve the least served, get early childhood brain development information to poor parents and generally believe that people want to be the best possible parents they can be.

Cate at Storytiming is doing a super cool and super easy to replicate program she describes as “astronomy storytime,” which is right up my alley.

Abby wrote a great round up of posts describing how to reimagine programs. She namechecks all my friends! But also I think we all have tired programs that don’t quite work as well as we want them too and it’s important to hear that other people have had success fixing that.

Katie at Storytime Secrets has a killer list of ways to incorporate nursery rhymes into storytime in new ways. I love nursery rhymes. I cut my storytime teeth on Mother Goose on the Loose and I think short well-known rhymes that parents can feel comfortable taking home and sharing with their kids over and over are a pretty big deal when it comes to charing brain development skills.

Carol Simon Levin at Program Palooza has a really fun cat storytime going on. What I LOVE about this blog post is that every element of the storytime plan has a corresponding educational element. You can tell that Carol’s storyime plans are incredibly purposeful.

Please watch this video from Zooborns about this baby gorilla who was born by emergency c-section and had to be on oxygen and is literally the cutest thing that has ever happened.

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  1. Your 3 Dinosaurs link? It goes to a Huff Post article. 🙂

    But otherwise, that gorilla is so cute!

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