TL;DR Advocacy – Library Sneakers

Welcome to the first ever Storytime Underground “TL;DR Advocacy” post. We know that you are doing amazing things in your library and community. We want to know about it but no one has time to read every single detail of your life. TL;DR is a fancy way of saying “Too Long;Didn’t Read”.

Tell us your advocacy story in 149 words or less and we’ll put it up for the world to see. This is a great opportunity to refine your next elevator pitch, and to inspire others to step up their advocacy game. It can be a huge movement (Storytime Underground) or something small (the post below), we want to hear them all!

TLDR Advocacy

Today’s Boots on the Ground post comes from Brooke Rasche, who is a joint chief of Storytime Underground and works at La Crosse Public Library. 

This winter, our library began providing a field trip adventure for kindergartners. Sneaker Tote Bag
We call them our Library Sneakers!

While we are talking to the children we stress that this is THEIR library. We tell them throughout the tour how we want them to visit us often, because this is their library and they share it with the entire community. We provide an incentive for them to return by offering a tote bag for their first visit back.

The best results we have seen from these tours are the parents that come into the library with their children for the first time. They usually say, “She’s been talking about the library since she came on the tour and said we HAD to come this week.” By empowering our kindergartners to be advocates for the library, they are passing the message on to their adults in a way we never could!


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  1. I LOVE this idea. I have a question for Brooke, where do you get the bags?

    Lisa Ferneau-Haynes
    Senior Librarian, Children’s Services
    Oceanside Public Library

    • Thank you! We got the bags through a local print shop. It was worth the price because of the word-of-mouth aspect. You could probably talk a shop into sponsoring them if you include their logo on the bag. Great publicity opportunity for the shop too!

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