The Coolest Thing I Saw — Spoiler! Guerrilla Storytime! — On the Internet This Week

Massachusetts Library Association’s annual conference is going on RIGHT NOW and they had a Guerrilla Storytime today. Rachel had this to say on Twitter: “If I could just do guerrilla storytime every morning, I wouldn’t need to eat or sleep. I’d just live off that crazy GS energy.” and here is a video from the blessed event of her singing our all time favorite, the FRUIT SALAD SONG. Also she made BUTTONS: 



In storytime news: 

Abby put up a transportation themed plan with soooo many good literacy tips. 

Dana gives details on how she planned a multilingual storytime, even though she’s not multilingual. 

Anne incorporated digital storytelling and traditional flannels to make one really fun BOATS storytime, and build vocabulary.

I love this frog storytime from Cultivate Wonder, with letter and number knowledge built in! 


Congrats to all our friends who were elected to Caldecott, Newbery, and Printz and EXTRA SUPER SPECIAL congrats to our amazing Mel, who is embarking on a fantastic new adventure


And, to welcome Amy home from Abroad, she asked for a Jane Austen GIF. I spent like 5 hours looking at GIFs of Alan Rickman and various Darcys (OH WHAT I DO FOR YOU) and this was the clear and wonderful winner: 




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