Advocacy Toolbox – Bringing Books to Life

Welcome to the first “Advocacy Toolbox” post. There are amazing things happening right now in the land of research and advocacy. We know it can be hard to keep up with everything though!

These posts will highlight an item to add to your own advocacy toolbox. Your tools should help you advocate for yourself, your library, or simply increase your knowledge of a topic. If you want more detailed information about the topic just click through to the linked article.


Bringing Books to Life
By Jamie Chamberlin
Monitor Staff
October 2012, Vol 43, No. 9
Print version: page 40

5 things to take away from this article


  • Simply reading text on a page is not enough to support early literacy.
  • Readers must show enthusiasm and ask open-ended questions for children to gain skills.
  • Parents and teachers often need coaching about how to ask questions as they read to a group.
  • Selecting a developmentally appropriate title is hard! Parents and teachers need help
  • When teachers asked open-ended questions and focused on describing how words related to the child’s life, the children’s vocabulary grew more than when a teacher simply read a book.

So what does this mean for you? All of the “strategies” they are teaching the parents and teachers are things we do in storytime! We model for our parents and show them great books every week. This is a great article to share with managers, directors, or coworkers who don’t quite understand why storytimes are so important to a community.




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