Advocacy Toolbox – Everyday Advocacy

Is everyone ready to add to their Advocacy Toolbox? Your tools should help you advocate for yourself, your library, or simply increase your knowledge on a topic. This one should definitely go to the top of your toolbox.


Have you all been to this website? GO IMMEDIATELY! Right now.


The site Everyday Advocacy is an initiative from the Association for Library Service to Children all about advocacy! It started a year ago and the amount of resources on the site is outrageous. This initiative was started to help youth librarians be more informed about advocacy and its potential in their profession.

If you’re looking to become more involved in advocacy and you’re just not sure where to start then this website is made for you. It explains the different types of advocacy, how you can realistically become an advocate, and gives some really great information about how to best share your message. There’s even a whole page dedicated to using statistics effectively! 

Check out this website if you’re looking for extremely useful advice, or if you are simply trying become more familiar with advocacy in general.


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