The Coolest Thing I saw on the Often Sexist Internet (This Week)

The Internet is a place full of wonder, cat videos, and some of the best social justice work being done today.

(Looking to follow more social activists on Twitter? Might I suggest Feminista Jones and Suey Park?)

It is also a place full of some of the worst scum of humanity, and profound, stultifying misogyny (and racism!!!).

You know what else is fully of misogyny? Y’all know what I’m going to say, right?

If you said LIBRARIANSHIP, you won. . . . a career where men are disproportionately in positions of power, and heinous male behavior is shrugged off at conferences because the perpetrators are special snowflake liBROrians (Shout out to Jesse Dangerously for the portmanteau).

Lisa Rabey (@pnkrcklibrarian) has not been quiet about this issue. She just published an article in American Libraries about sexism in tech, and you should FOR SURE go check it out ASAP. There’s no direct link so you have to flip through the current issue, but it won’t kill you.

In The Library With The Lead pipe recently published an article by Hugh Rundle about asking ourselves who we’re empowering, and how, and why. It’s long, but it has a lot to chew on. I would love for you guys who read it to talk in the comments about who YOU’RE empowering, and how.

We all know people who live in our neighborhoods aren’t using our services. Are they disinterested, or do they feel unwelcome?

So, what about Storytime?? Melissa wrote about how walking like animals can help kids develop strong shoulder muscles, which in turn helps them be ready to write. Say what?! So smart.

Pop Goes the Page always features some INTENSE interactive storytime play. I am especially enamored of this mini magic show on the go, which would be great for outreaches.

SPEAKING OF INTERACTIVE PLAY. Little known (super widely known) fact about moi: I am obsessed with Elephant and Piggie. Like, Margaret Willison (@MrsFridayNext) recently said she identifies with Ruby Olivery (of the e. lockhart books) to a worrisome degree. Oh how I wish that were true. I identify with Gerald. There is some truly excellent interactive play happening to the tune of I Broke My Trunk, over at A Librarian Less Ordinary.

Stay Tuned Tomorrow, as our week of SO MUCH CONTENT continues with a rant by Amy about how not to be an asshole, and cite your colleagues.

baby book

I went looking for an Elephant and Piggy GIF and found THIS INSTEAD (thanks Obama?)


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  1. Can I just give a huge shout out to Teen Librarian Toolbox for their enormously important work in talking about sexual violence and harrassment? #svyalit is probably one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen on the internet and has had a huge impact on me personally and professionally. All must read it.

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