Joint Chiefs

Four Storytime Guerrillas maintain things here at the public face of Storytime Underground. In case you’re curious…

Cory Eckert manages 2 branches for the Houston Public Library and is the idea-genius behind Guerrilla Storytime. She can often be heard bemoaning the lack of Eegee’s in her tiny adopted town. Most of the things there are to know about Cory can be found out by following her on Twitter @helenstwin (No, she hasn’t a sister named Helen. But Clytemnestra did). Here are a few things you might not already know: Cory is a huge fan of Tennessee Williams, hates the Narnia books and thinks no book has ever been or will ever be funnier than I Am The Biggest Thing in the Ocean. If asked politely, she can recite Puck’s entire closing monologue from A Midsummer Night’s Dream and/or all the things MeatLoaf wouldn’t do for love. She firmly believes that cats with tails are inferior. Sometimes she dances with a sword on her head. Like dragons, Cory loves tacos.

Kendra Jones is a Children’s Librarian in the Vancouver Community Library of Fort Vancouver Regional Library district in Vancouver, WA. She became a Guerrilla Storytime groupie the second Cory mentioned the idea. Kendra is a toddler wrangling Twitter addict (@klmpeace) who blogs all things storytime (and more) at Read Sing Play. She spends more time watching and rewatching TV series than is likely healthy and believes garden slugs are plotting to take over the world. There are too many amazing stories for her to pick a favorite. She is a terrible joke teller but thinks everything is funny. Blue is her favorite color.

Amy Koester is the Children’s Librarian at the Corporate Parkway Branch of the St. Charles City-County Library District in Wentzville, Missouri. She fell in love with the idea of Guerrilla Storytime as soon as Cory mentioned it, and she helped make the inaugural edition happen at #ala2013 in Chicago. It appears that Amy spends lots of time online: she blogs as The Show Me Librarian and at the ALSC Blog sharing STEM programs, she’s the blog manager for Little eLit, and she’s on Twitter quite a bit as @amyeileenk. In case you were curious: Amy has ten houseplants, all of them named Pete; she has reread Neil Gaiman’s Stardust every year since the eighth grade; and she frequently wishes she could apparate to Scotland for the country walks. Her favorite type of pie is cherry. Amy is a mediocre ukulele player.

Brooke Rasche is a Children’s Librarian at the La Crosse Public Library in La Crosse, WI. She has been following the Guerrilla Storytime movement since the beginning and thinks everyone involved in it is a total genius. Brooke loves to find other people saying funny things on Twitter @berasche and blogs all about early literacy at Reading With Red. She has an addiction to bad reality television and is convinced she would survive the apocalypse from watching episodes of Doomsday Preppers. Brooke is a huge fan of Beyoncé and loves to reread the Harry Potter series when she’s stressed out. She will eat chocolate for every meal of the day if people let her. She is a horrible dancer.


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