Storytime Guerrilla of the Month

Every month, Storytime Underground will feature a Storytime Guerrilla of the Month. This guerrilla may be someone you’ve seen online before, and it may not; storytime guerrillas come in all types, at all levels of experience, and we aim to highlight the expertise each can share.

Do you want to be a Storytime Guerrilla of the Month, or know someone who should be? Send us an e-mail and tell us a bit about those crazy storytime skills!

Storytime Guerrilla of the Month Archives

Laura Arnhold
Kristen Bodine
Tabin Crume
Kevin Delecki
Jerri Heid
Joel Nichols
Mary Kuehner
Kirby McCurtis
Brooke Rasche
Rick Samuelson
Dana Sheridan


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