Ask a Storytime Ninja

We all have questions. Most of us have answers. Fitting question to answer is pretty much the basis of our profession. To that end we introduce Ask a Storytime Ninja, the Storytime Underground’s very own advice column. Do you have a question about any aspect of storytime or early childhood literacy? Ask it here! Your question will be sent out to a group of storytime ninja volunteers, and we will feature both the question and answers on the blog. Do you want to answer questions? Submit your info here and you will get questions emailed to you. You don’t have to answer any question, but you can submit answers as often as you’d like. We will also feature special Storytime Ninjas, so if you know someone who’s an absolute master of early literacy please send us their info so we can ask them to be a Featured Ninja!

Ask a Storytime Ninja Archives

When you do preschool storytime, how you go over rules with your kiddos

Timing, Picky Kids, and Frustrated Parents

Siblings in Storytime

Storytime: Performance VS Discussion

Interview Questions

Snacks, Volunteers, and Baby Music


Apps for Storytime

Getting Staff on Board

Parent Behavior

My Baby Can Preschool

One Year Old Storytime

Outreach Gone Bad

Rotating Presenters

Storytime for 5th and 6th Graders

Pregnant and Storytiming

Promoting Storytimes

Special Needs Programs

Early Literacy Discussions

So Many Ages, So Few Storytimes



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