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Every Child Ready to Read: 1st Edition VS. 2nd Edition

As an aside in her response to this week’s Ask a Storytime Ninja question, Kiera mentioned that she would love to see a discussion of ECRR vs. ECRR2 here on Storytime Underground. We thought that was a GREAT idea!

So, to get you started, here was her initial thought on the topic. “My opinion is that the second edition is way better for communicating to parents and caregivers, but that the first edition is a better overall early literacy education for librarians.”

What do YOU think?

Please share your thoughts in the comments. We want to hear from everyone!


More brain ticklers/questions to help the discussion along:

Do you use either or both ECRR in your library? Why or why not?

Do you prefer one edition over the other? Why?

If YOU could design an ECRR what would it look like?

Have you seen the ning? It’s awesome. That’s not a discussion question, just an aside.  Unless you want to discuss it. That would be great, too.


Our First Armory of Awesome Submission!

We asked you to tell us about blogs you think are doing awesome things for early literacy, and we already have a submission — from none other than the venerable Saroj Ghoting. She writes:

“You may want to consider this to emphasize the connection between what we do in storytimes, early literacy, and conveying the info to the parents/caregivers.”

In Guerrilla Storytime we saw people really excited when someone acted out a seamless parent tip. What this Storytime Share does beautifully is incorporate the why AND the how, ie: the brain development portion AND how to explain that to parents, if you want a script while you get comfortable. Love. It. We hope you use it and contribute to it.

If you have a blog you think is doing amazing things in early literacy, please submit it so we can call it out for being AWESOME.

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