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Coolest stuff I saw on the Internet this Week!

So I’ll hopefully be posting these once a week (ish) although I am playing around with the timing (does Wednesday sound good to people?) because if Flannel Friday posts go up on Friday and I do my post on Friday I will MISS OUT on all the amazeballs stuff happening over at FF, which is unacceptable.

The idea is to call out AWESOME stuff our colleagues are doing. It’s part of that whole promotion thing. During the week if you see something you think needs featured, submit it through the form on the site or tweet me the link. 

My super most favorite thing I saw this week: 

Abby Johnson (@abbylibrarian)’s post on the ALSC blog about Kindergarten storytime. Why is it SO AWESOME? I love that she gets in depth about why she chose the books she did, how she incorporated color knowledge AND getting into a line into her song choice, AND that she added in so many necessary Kindergarten skills like raising your hand and walking in line. It got me thinking about how the life of a 4.75 year old in no way prepares a kid for Kinder. You can’t just eat/nap/throw a fit at any moment. There are behavior expectations. I LOOOOOVE that she modeled for parents how to make that transition easier. Way to be a storytime rock star, Abby!

I also loved: Lisa Mulvenna (@lmulvenna) linked me to her blog post about how she uses parachutes in storytime, and man is it chock full of great tips. Don’t even waste time with me telling you about it, just go over there and check it out. 

I’ve been watching the Jbrary videos on YouTube and am going to incorporate their Two Little Black Bears song because my kids are in love with Two Little Blackbirds and I think changing up the kind of animal will be super fun, and help with cognition. 

Best non-storytime related thing I saw this week: Zooborns posted this picture of this baby giraffe face, which made my life


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