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The Coolest Thing I Saw on Facebook

The absolute best stuff I saw this week was on the SU Facebook group. Y’all are talking up a storm, and all your ideas are genius. If you’re not a member of the group yet, readers, you are missing out on the best professional community on the internet.

Some other cool stuff happened, too!

Katie did a presentation on the hows and whys of flannel boards. I definitely got involved with the larger online storytime community to begin with because I could not figure out how the hell flannel stories worked, so I think this is a great resource. 

I clipped this post of Bryce’s weeks ago and it got lost in the shuffle. It’s amazing, though. I think we’ve all picked out books for a program only to have the totally wrong age of kids show up. Bryce brings her regularly scheduled brilliance to talk about differentiated instruction as it applies to public library programming. 

SPEAKING OF BRYCE: I got you this GIF, which made me giggle:


Welcome to the storytime blogosphere, Jane! Every Day Is Storytime has some truly phenomenal ideas about integrating storytime principals into home life. I can’t wait to see what else she posts!

SLC Book Boy has a really fracking cool idea for a pocket on an apron, and all sorts of messy storytime brilliance to go along with it. I also like his brief reviews of how the kids responded to each book. 

Loons and Quines is back with a new post!!!! Thank God. 

Kendra wrote about how she tweaked her storytime to work for 1 year olds. It’s brilliant enough to make me break my rule about posting stuff from the Joint Chiefs. 

That’s it for my, Ninjas. Keep rocking your shit out




The Coolest Thing I Saw on the Internet This Week (and this week needed some cool stuff)

To begin with, Marley was dead. STOP! Wrong story.

Y’all, I had a terrible day AND I spent most of my week reading articles about R. Kelly (important, but not really the material I look for for this post) so I asked Twitter to send me links and I got THIS. Thanks, Twitter. Also this GIF of a hedgehog in a hat. I love you, tweeps.

Dana and Lindsey at Jbrary, who we posilutely adore, made a blogreel and it has blogs I’ve never seen before!!!! It really IS Christmas.

Here are some favorite new finds:

Some mad amazing STEAM storytimes are happening over at Knowledge Matters.

I don’t THINK I’ve visited Never Shushed (great name!!) before, but I will definitely be keeping it in rotation from now on. I love that Claudia talks in-depth about her book choices, and uses Todd Parr, and has the good sense to be a fan of Sturdy for Common Things.

Pop Goes The Page has instructions for some intensely theatrical storytimes.

Storytime Stuff has recently featured some great info about the benefits of signing with kids (and library staff).

Also great this week: Bryce talks about owning the fact that you ARE a reader (I don’t seem to have any trouble with this admission, myself) and this blog post my mom sent me (hi Mom!) about how the way we women talk about ourselves impacts the youngest girls (and boys!) in our lives.

Have an extraordinary yuletide, ninjas! My family reads A Christmas Carol out loud every year, so I will leave you with a very non-denominational, God Bless Us, Every One.*

For Christmas, I got you Captain Pickard as Ebenezer Scrooge. You’re welcome.


*Or the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Or Cthulhu. I’m not picky.

The Coolest Thing I Saw On The Internet (In The Snow)

I hate snow. I do. I grew up in Tucson, where snow falls and it’s very pretty and everyone goes out and plays in it, and it does not make black ice on the roads and you don’t think you’re going to die getting home from work. Also snow is cold. That’s some bullshit.

In order to motivate myself, I’m listening to Night Vale, so if this post gets a little weird(er than usual), blame the snow.

I’m madly in love with this post by Jane at Piper Loves the Library about BRINGING THE NUTCRACKER BALLET to her library. I just. I have goosebumps.

Melissa (Mel’s Desk, @MelissaZD, she of general intense awesome) gave a webinar today on early childhood literacy, and if you missed it you should go listen to the recording because I learned a ton from it, and it’s not like I’m new to this whole deal.

New to me blog Librarianism Chronicles featured an Ancient Egypt storytime that I really dig (hahahaha archaeology puns), possibly because it features my two favorite literary cats, Pete and Skippyjon. This is obviously a school librarian’s storytime, but the interactive educational elements are brilliant and could totally work in a public library.

This is a storytime Wiki. That is neat. This is ANOTHER storytime Wiki. The internet, she is a marvelous broad.

Brooke at Reading with Red/@berasche did a super useful post on how she picked out toys for baby storytime. My favorite part is teaching parents to share.

Remember how just last week Rain Makes Applesauce was posting awesome shit? At it again! This time with a seasonal retelling of a Bill Martin classic.

We here at the Storytime Underground are really, really into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is why I was really excited to see this. . .until I watched it. It might be the worst thing on the internet, so I’m sharing it with you.

The Coolest Thing I Saw on the Internet This Week

We’re going short this week, because, you know, last week. . .

Rebecca (@rebeccazdunn, and you should for sure follow her) at Sturdy For Common Things, which is a favorite of mine, has this phenomenal post on reading to babies in the womb. It’s got research to back it up and is written so that you could definitely link your expecting moms to it.

I just found, and love, this old conversation on Mel’s Desk about the do’s, don’ts and essentials of storytime. Follow the links down the rabbit hole. See some of our SU favorites in the comments!

1234 More Storytimes is hosting Flannel Friday this week (Chanukgiving!) and also has this amazing Wheel of Pigs. I love the idea of this but also that the post talks about how many different things any storytime activity does at once. Tell me in the comments what your favorite heavy-lifting, multiple-ECRR-skills-at-once-but-still-so-fun activity is.

How accessible is your SRP? I think this is such a necessary conversation.

Someone linked to this on Twitter this week, and holy crap. It is an open source TACO DATABASE. Y’all know how I feel about tacos. You’re welcome.

I found this list of surprisingly cute baby animals. I highly recommend scrolling through for the porcupine. Look, they have llamas. How can you resist?


The Internet Is Cool!

Annie (@sotomorrow) sent over this great Body Positive Storytime from Liz (@lizinthelibrary) (who I think I maybe met in a bar at ALA2010? Did that happen?) There’s a lot I like about this post: That she explains the educational value behind flannel stories, that she lists A LOT of alternate book options (I never seem to have the books people list in their posts) and of course that she’ s doing covert feminist storytime in a totally nonthreatening manner. I definitely plan on trying out this storytime myself. 

Those geniuses over at the Storytime Underground Facebook page all listed their blogs, so if you need to repopulate your RSS feed, you’re golden.

Holy ECRR2, Batgirl! Kelsey shares a ton of parent tips, organized by ECRR2 skill. Like a ton. Like, A TON. The internet makes me LOOK like a really smart librarian to my patrons, because my colleagues post resources like this. Thanks, colleagues!

I don’t know that this video is skill building, per se, but it IS Mercer Mayer telling There’s An Alligator Under My Bed, so, I thought you’d want to see it.

In animal photo news, this young gentleman needs his tummy boopsered, so please volunteer if you are available for that. 



As always, if you see something (awesome) say something (via email, twitter or Facebook). 


The Coolest Thing I Saw On The Internet This Week

Darien Library’s Kid Lib Camp was already REALLY COOL, and then they hosted a Guerrilla Storytime. This is the first Guerrilla Storytime since our ALA debut, and I can’t even tell you how exciting and gratifying it is to see people run with the idea. I can’t wait to hear more from the participants!

This week, I am putting together all of the fall programming. I haven’t done a Pre-K storytime, from scratch, in almost a year and I was feeling pretty out of the groove. I was definitely having a bit of a WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?! freakout. What saved me? Katie (@katietweetsya) has like, this insane list of themes with every book and song she did with each one, and how it went. If you’re new to storytime, returning to a different age group, or just kind of burnt out on the creative side and need a super-easy-to-navigate boost, Katie’s website is the shit. People don’t say that anymore, like, at all, do they? What do they say now? (I also spent quite a bit of time, as per usual, at So Tomorrow and Mel’s Desk this week. It can never be said enough, what would any of use do without Annie + Melissa?)

I just discovered a great new Youth Services blog, Librerin (She does not appear to be on Twitter?!). All of her stuff is very cool, but in terms of Storytime, I’m in love with how she writes this Garden-themed post. Rather than writing to a librarian audience, she’s writing to her storytime parents. She explains in really smart, accessible terms why she chose each book or activity, and how she used it. It would be so easy for a parent who missed storytime to pick up the books and incorporate these tips into an at-home storytime. Plus she incorporates an early literacy skill in every week, AND she lists the shelf tag for each book she talks about, so parents can check them out. Seriously, you guys, it’s so cool. 

This week I got an Awesome Tip for StoryMobs, which are flipping storytime flashmobs, which, YES. 

In honor of an underwhelming new Doctor reveal, I give you, Bunny Who:


Coolest stuff I saw on the Internet this Week!

So I’ll hopefully be posting these once a week (ish) although I am playing around with the timing (does Wednesday sound good to people?) because if Flannel Friday posts go up on Friday and I do my post on Friday I will MISS OUT on all the amazeballs stuff happening over at FF, which is unacceptable.

The idea is to call out AWESOME stuff our colleagues are doing. It’s part of that whole promotion thing. During the week if you see something you think needs featured, submit it through the form on the site or tweet me the link. 

My super most favorite thing I saw this week: 

Abby Johnson (@abbylibrarian)’s post on the ALSC blog about Kindergarten storytime. Why is it SO AWESOME? I love that she gets in depth about why she chose the books she did, how she incorporated color knowledge AND getting into a line into her song choice, AND that she added in so many necessary Kindergarten skills like raising your hand and walking in line. It got me thinking about how the life of a 4.75 year old in no way prepares a kid for Kinder. You can’t just eat/nap/throw a fit at any moment. There are behavior expectations. I LOOOOOVE that she modeled for parents how to make that transition easier. Way to be a storytime rock star, Abby!

I also loved: Lisa Mulvenna (@lmulvenna) linked me to her blog post about how she uses parachutes in storytime, and man is it chock full of great tips. Don’t even waste time with me telling you about it, just go over there and check it out. 

I’ve been watching the Jbrary videos on YouTube and am going to incorporate their Two Little Black Bears song because my kids are in love with Two Little Blackbirds and I think changing up the kind of animal will be super fun, and help with cognition. 

Best non-storytime related thing I saw this week: Zooborns posted this picture of this baby giraffe face, which made my life


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