The Coolest Thing I Saw On The Internet, What Day Is It? Edition

I legit forgot that yesterday was Wednesday. My new job, the learning curve is steep.

People blogged about Guerrilla Storytime at Midwinter! Not even just youth services bloggers!

The wonderful Kate Kosturski, tiny hat owner extraordinaire, happened to be at the UnCommons on Sunday and wound up taking video and blogging about it for INALJ (I assume you know INALJ, because it is seriously the greatest thing).

Michelle at Lit Chat For Kids recapped her experiences at MW and gave GS some great feedback.

Of course Amy blogged about it, and also wrote up some of her other crazy adventures of late (I, for one, have never been so glad for the Newbery committee to finish their work).

If you blogged about GS, or saw it mentioned somewhere, please send the link! We like to read about how great we are.

I really love With Kiddos At The Library, which is written by some amazing Vancouver librarians. They have a ton of new cool stuff in January, but my personal favorite is the GIANT SHADOW PUPPET WORKSHOP they set up. So cool.

What is Bridget Reading? WINNIE THE POOH. I grew up on Milne, and I think his original stories are so flipping charming, and are so perfect at conveying childhood, and hold up really strongly, and I just think more people should still be reading them. And throwing birthday parties for Pooh.

Molly at What Happens In Storytime has some really cool ideas this week, like a rain circle. I also love how active/song based her storytimes are!

I love how explicitly Kendra spells out the nuts and bolts of her storytime plan, and how precise is she with her choices. I’m linking to Storytime for Twos, but go back and read her recent posts on her new year’s resolution. So full of goodness.

If, like me, you love Harry Potter as if you actually knew the characters personally, this diary from Ron will make your life.

Speaking of fictional characters with whom I am real life friends, this picture makes me think of Cat the Cat meeting Piggy, and then I go down a mental wormhole of Mo Willems crossovers.


What did you guys see this week that I missed?


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