The Coolest Thing I Saw On The Internet This Week

This week, Amy’s taking the waters of Bath (no, seriously, that’s what she’s doing) so feel free to direct jealous pains of frustrated Austen fandom in her direction.

What is happening in the world of youth services librarianship while the rest of us are stuck in our everyday superhero lives?

Kim over at Literary Commentary brought Guerrilla Storytime to Ohio, and did an AMAZING write up afterward. As usual for a GS, it has great tips AND Kim has posted links for songs, etc that were shared! Welcome to the revolution, Ohio!!

Sophie Brookover took the idea of Guerrilla Storytimes and RAN WITH IT and made a crazy/beautiful tech training/GS mashup and pretty much the greatest moment of my existence was when I realized that I had invented a training methodology. I AM THE GREATEST. Ahem. It’s exactly what we wanted, when we made this site, was for people to go crazy with the Guerrilla Storytime idea and change it up to suit their needs. This is amazing and I’m so excited that Sophie is such a ballsy genius.

Miss Meg posted about how her Personal Learning Network helped her feel comfortable doing baby storytimes, including some wise words by our resident babytime expert, Brooke. Use your PLN! We’re here for you! And now Meg is one of May’s Storytime Ninjas, so YOU can ask for HER help with YOUR storytime problems!

Michelle Kilty wrote a really smart guest post for Little eLit about using Evernote for storytime collaboration and to increase parent participation. It’s excellent problem solving!

Keren at Intentional Storytime really spends time with why she chose each element and how it worked, which I appreciate. This post on an Egg Storytime is pretty excellent in part because it uses one of my favorite flannels, Miss Mary Liberry’s egg game, but also because it’s clear how deeply Keren understands early literacy elements and how to use them while keeping kids engaged.

Andromeda Yelton, all around bad ass tech lady librarian, posted about being inspired by Danish librarians to do a Waste Lab with her kid, and the results are pretty phenomenal. Also Andromeda shouts out youth services librarians for starting the whole Maker thing about 50 years ago, and we always appreciate the recognition.

Also from Sophie, this brilliance:


You’re welcome.

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  1. Thanks, it’s good to be here! Love, Ohio 🙂

  2. Michelle Kilty

    Thanks for mentioning my piece on Evernote! Just an FYI. My last name is spelled Kilty, not kitty. Think of the Scottish kilt, not cats. 😉 (No worries though, happens all the time!)

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